Obtaining Telemarketing Services: Having In-House or Outsourced Services?

Even with the cost-effective outsourced services available in the world today, such as telemarketing, many still choose to have in-house telemarketing services rather than to entrust it to a third party provider. However, for small and medium firms that have only recently just started and do not possess the needed resources to have in-house services, the only choice would be to go for outsourced telemarketing services. Both forms may have their pros and cons, however, in-house telemarketing services are just a bit more disadvantageous that going with outsourcing. If you are planning to have telemarketing done for you soon, then you would do well to know which type to get: outsourced or in-house services.

As said above, both sides have their positives and negatives but as also mentioned, in-house services may just be a little more of a hassle to handle unlike with outsourced services. Hopefully, this article won't discourage you from picking in-house but rather just give you a view of what you would be getting into.

Although, the question still remains: should you go with in-house service? Or outsourced services?

OUTSOURCED TELEMARKETING SERVICES - This is perhaps the most widely taken choice by many firms, even those who have the needed resourced for getting their own in-house staff and call center. However, many choose this because it is a cost-effective sales and marketing solution. Also, the telemarketing companies that offer their services to clients that need them employ professional and skilled telemarketers. And although they do hire new staff every now and then, the experience that they soon earn is enough to fuel their purpose. Be it lead generation, appointment setting or plain old hard-selling, these telemarketers are experts at what they do, show professionalism no matter the circumstances they are pushed into and know just what to do and what to say to make sales happen. Also, if the services is not effective for you, it can easily be terminated after the open contract is over. This offers less risk because you won't have to spend for so much and only have it fail in the end.

IN-HOUSE TELEMARKETING SERVICES - This type of service proves to be also quite promising but it takes a bit of difficulty to manage. For one, you would need additional office space to house your own call center, something that small and medium firms, especially those who are leasing a building cannot do. This already is a huge problem to those who do not have the resourced needed to spend for the construction of an in-house call center and those without enough space within their office building. Second, aside from just the costs of construction, one would also have to deal with buying all the needed equipment for the tasks that need to be done. Third is hiring new staff, another thing that may possibly incur a heavy toll on the allotted budget. Last and not the least is time. Time is mentioned because you would need to take time to train these new employees in how to market your products and services via the phone. You can have complete control of how your telemarketing campaign functions when you have it done in-house but just remember to be prepared that if it does not go so well, you may have just spent a great portion of your hard-earned money on a major loss.

Don't fret too much, though. No matter what type of telemarketing service you get, it has proven to be quite successful; don't get discouraged about in-house services, as well. If you're a small/medium firm, then outsourcing may be your only choice. But if you're a large company and can afford it and believes that your campaign will succeed, then by all means, go for in-house telemarketing services.

Article Source: Sarah Barnes

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