Restaurants Can Increase SEO With Keywords

Customers search millions of things a day on many different search engines. In order to take advantage of these searches, restaurants can use keywords and phrases to increase their SEO ratings and learn more about what their customers are really searching for.

The big mistake that restaurants do at the beginning of creating their keyword campaign is not using the proper keywords to attract people to their sites. To avoid this, SEOmoz has come up with a few things in their "Beginners Guide to SEO" that restaurants should do to insure that their keywords and phrases will be effective.

They should first ask does the keyword match the content that their site offers. It is important that the people that will be directed to the site by the keyword will be able to find the information that they are looking for.

It is also important that the customers who visit the site will turn their search into a purchase from the site. If the keyword does not have this potential, it should not be used.

Doing research on the keyword or keywords that a restaurant is planning on doing is critical in order to see how beneficial it will be to the restaurant. They can do this by searching for the term on the major search engines and see if it appears in their search results. Also, they can use Google AdWords to do a sample run of the keyword. All that they have to do is pick exact match and direct all the traffic from the keyword search to their webpage. Then they can track how many impressions and the conversion rate of their keyword.

The last thing to do is evaluate how well the keywords and phrases did. A restaurant should see how valuable a customer is who used the keyword to get to their site. They can do this by looking at the number of people who visited the site and then how many were actually converted to profit. If this number is reasonable, then the keyword was successful, but if it was not up to par then the restaurant should rethink their keyword strategy and try again.

Something that restaurants looking to increase their SEO rating should know is what is called the long tail of keyword demand. What most businesses do is pick the popular keywords that get them a lot of clicks. What they don't know is that all of these clicks only make up about 30% of the total clicks. The remaining searches, about 70%, is called the long tail of search. These are keywords that are only searched a few times and sometimes only once. This is important because restaurants can fill their pages with these long tail words and get a larger number or people visiting their page.

Restaurants are seeing satisfying results from search marketing when they implement it correctly. It can help increase profits and build awareness of a new business. In the end, restaurants should take SEO very seriously and apply it to their business in order to see the benefits their counterparts are already enjoying.

Article Source: Savanna Eckenrode

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