Using Online News Submissions to Gain Extra Visitors to Your Website

It can be quite hard to compete with other websites when it comes to attracting internet users to a specific website. If the site is in a popular field, like cars for example, then the competition is high due to the amount of Google searches being carried out. However, if a less popular field is being targeted then it's difficult because not many people are searching for that specific field anyway.

It's good to use keywords, meta tags, and other SEO techniques, but what many people forget is how Google ranks certain sites on their search engine. Yes, they do take into account well-optimised content, but many people forget that updated and useful content is being increasingly used as the determining factor. And that's where online news submission comes in.

What Happened?

In the past, a smattering of SEO was enough to get one's website to the top of the list, but with the recent Google Panda updates and the changes to these algorithms, it's the content which is reigning supreme.

How Lawyers Can Use Marketing To Identify And Sift Out Hot Prospects

One reason why many lawyers don't like marketing or think it is not worth the effort is because they have not done it properly in the past.

This could be for a whole lot of reasons, but more often than not it is because of a lack of time and expertise.

There is also the confusion many lawyers have about marketing and sales - i.e. should marketing result in new clients signing up immediately or should it be separated totally from the sales function?

I want to answer these questions by focusing on what marketing should be...

Marketing should help lawyers identify prospects that are looking for specific legal services and have the money to pay to achieve their desired goals.

Promote A Home Cleaning Service With Promotional Items

There is no better, economical, and effective way to promote your home cleaning service and to increase sales is to use the tried and tested promotional method of giveaways and gifts. Promotional products are an effective and low cost way to grow the brand recognition, within the community and even outside it, for your home cleaning service. Whether it is a new business or a trusted and established service with high visibility in the community, your cleaning company is sure to attract additional home cleaning jobs, and rope in more clients, with the wise use of a range of promotional marketing items.

A start-up cleaning business can promote its services through these handouts, while a larger cleaning service, offering a range of options like full house cleaning, or window and floor cleaning, can also benefit from such drives. Promotional item giveaways can help to rapidly expand the customer base of any home cleaning service. 

Why Many Businesses Use Online News Submission As Part of Their Marketing Efforts

Businesses are always seeking new opportunities of presenting their services and products more efficiently and effectively to a wider and more varied audience. At the same time, they look for more cost effective methods of advertising, and obtaining greater exposure without spending highly significant amounts of money. By utilising online news submission sites, they are able to achieve these advantages and benefits, when compared to the traditionally accepted forms of marketing.

The correct use of online methods provides the capability of tracking and monitoring the progress and results, of any changes made to the content, as and when needed. This is not possible with traditional methods of marketing or advertising.

Web marketing

With web marketing, specific information displays details of an individual's gender, age and their location.

Goody Bag Marketing Giveaway With A Goal: 7 Steps to Creating a Compelling Call to Action

It's that time of the year again, when people call me because they are sponsoring an event and need some stuff to give away. We then make our recommendations, taking into consideration their budget and their usually tight time frame. But, the first thing we do is to ask: what is the goal of your program? What do you really want to do?

Many times the answer to that question is that there isn't time, or that the sponsorship money exhausted the budget. What it usually boils down to is that they just think they need to have something in the bag to participate and get their name out there.

Giving stuff away without a promotion or call to action is like whistling in the wind. If your freebie is going to be sitting at the bottom of the bag, how will it stand out? Is there a compelling enough call to action? Is the product driving traffic to your website? Is it generating a lead? If not, your giveaway is not using your tight budget to its best advantage.

7 Ways To Grow Your Business!

Do you ever have days when you feel like you just won't make it? I can remember waking up some mornings, thinking - wondering - pondering - WHEN will IT ever happen? Success, that is.

As a woman in business, do you ever feel overwhelmed, with the sense you've got to do it all yourself? Well, then you are just one of many. Seriously. You are not alone.

The thing is that you have got to start doing things differently to achieve different results. I want to share a few basic tips on how to grow your business so you, too, can be a wealthy woman leader. Here are some of my favorites - looking back.


Customer Loyalty Programs: How To SuperSize Your Results

Customer loyalty programs today are much more critical than ever before...and it's easy to understand why. Every customer you now have-even the oldest and most loyal--is daily bombarded with tempting advertising messages and "irresistible offers" from print ads, cable, direct mail, and especially email.

The lesson is clear: You'd better be on top of your marketing game or you're going to lose those customers you fought so hard to acquire. So just how do you do that? How do you fight the barrage of competitors and give your customers what no one else is?

For many companies, the hands down best solution has been a well strategized customer loyalty program.

The first strategy is that it's always easier to keep a current customer than it is to get an entirely new one. Your current customers know at least something about your company and your products.

How Many Marketing Touches Does It Take To Close the Sale?

There's an underlying principle in marketing that you need to have multiple "touches" with your prospective client before you become top of mind.

I've been researching to see what the latest statistics are...(I've heard anywhere between 7 and 23!) and not surprisingly, there is little agreement among marketing professionals on what the magic number is.

Anywhere you are, we are all assaulted by advertising and marketing messages. Think about it: there are Zappo's ads in the shoe bins at the TSA security checkpoints at airports. Ads on the sides of a bus, bus benches, billboards, bumper stickers, radio, TV, in the trailers before you get to see the feature film at the movies. Online--it's even worse. Facebook has a whole sidebar full of targeted ads every time you log in, even more TV-style spots directly assaulting you when you play one of those addictive Facebook games.

A Review Of Distinctions Between B2C And B2B Lead Generation

The difference between leads for B2B and B2C is pretty much basic for even the average business owner. However, it never hurts to make a quick review on some of the easily identifiable differences.

Now the first difference is of course, the target market. Obviously B2C is going to be much larger in number compared to B2B. Why is this so is because products for B2C are meant to serve relatively simpler and more private purposes (e.g. cleaning detergent, laptops, toys). In contrast, B2B leads don't necessarily represent individuals but individual companies. As such, they are much smaller in number but also pay higher than the average consumer.

The second difference is the process in which leads are converted into sales. In B2C, it can happen very, very fast. Take advertising for instance. You see a commercial on TV for this really delicious combo meal that's being served by a popular fast food chain. Suddenly, you realize you were about to go out and weren't sure where to buy lunch. In advertising, business owners use the power of suggestion to direct you to their establishment (or one of them) to make a purchase.

Is Your Business Ready to Blog?

Not sure if your company should be blogging?

Take this quick, 5-Step Blog Readiness Test to find out.

I hear this question all the time from business owners, "Do I need a blog?"

My answer is usually, "It depends." Every company is different, so answering the question about whether your business needs a blog requires a quick assessment. Answer these questions to see if your organization is ready to take on the blogging challenge:

    Are you genuinely interested in writing a blog? Do you really want to blog, or would you just be doing it because you've heard that you should? If you don't want to write yourself, are you willing to allocate resources from you team (or hire someone) who can bring passion to your blog?