How Many Marketing Touches Does It Take To Close the Sale?

There's an underlying principle in marketing that you need to have multiple "touches" with your prospective client before you become top of mind.

I've been researching to see what the latest statistics are...(I've heard anywhere between 7 and 23!) and not surprisingly, there is little agreement among marketing professionals on what the magic number is.

Anywhere you are, we are all assaulted by advertising and marketing messages. Think about it: there are Zappo's ads in the shoe bins at the TSA security checkpoints at airports. Ads on the sides of a bus, bus benches, billboards, bumper stickers, radio, TV, in the trailers before you get to see the feature film at the movies. Online--it's even worse. Facebook has a whole sidebar full of targeted ads every time you log in, even more TV-style spots directly assaulting you when you play one of those addictive Facebook games.

As small business owners, you need to figure out how your message can break through that noise to get you noticed by your best prospects. In order for some one to want to purchase from you, you need to move them along the familiar Know-->Like--->Trust spectrum.

That usually requires more than one touch. (this is less true if you are selling a low-price consumable product) But it is unlikely people will buy a high-ticket service from you the first time they hear about you. (In fact, I'm suspicious when someone says "Yes" the first time they meet me!)

You know this is true...think about a networking group that you might visit and how it takes the old-timers in the group several times before they even remember they met you before, much less your name and what you do for a living.

Every business needs to have an integrated marketing strategy that uses several different touch point methods. Break through their consciousness so you get to the point where they may not even remember how they first heard about you, but they are clear about who you are and what you offer.

Blogging, social media, workshops, conferences, in-person networking, article publishing, signage, press releases. You've got to stick with it and be consistent. There are some people who have been on my list for over five years...but they see my email newsletter arrive every month and they are reminded about me. And yes....when the time is right for them...then they call. How many touches does it take for you? Ask a client and find out!

Article Source: Deborah E Gallant

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