Is Your Business Ready to Blog?

Not sure if your company should be blogging?

Take this quick, 5-Step Blog Readiness Test to find out.

I hear this question all the time from business owners, "Do I need a blog?"

My answer is usually, "It depends." Every company is different, so answering the question about whether your business needs a blog requires a quick assessment. Answer these questions to see if your organization is ready to take on the blogging challenge:

    Are you genuinely interested in writing a blog? Do you really want to blog, or would you just be doing it because you've heard that you should? If you don't want to write yourself, are you willing to allocate resources from you team (or hire someone) who can bring passion to your blog?

    Are you committed to blogging consistently? Whether your posts come monthly, weekly or daily, you need a consistent blogging schedule. You can plan ahead and post later, as long as you establish a pattern your readers can depend on. Adding fresh posts on a regular basis will help build a loyal following of readers for your blog.

    Do you have something to say? You don't need to have earth-shattering insights, but a unique point of view and interesting perspectives are important to the success of your blog. Repeating the same old information that can be found anywhere online only adds to the noise in the blogosphere. Add value instead.

    Do you have the skills or resources required to optimize your blog? Maximizing the reach and impact of your blog takes some know-how. From keywords to design to SEO, getting the most from your blogging efforts may require you to gain some additional skills - either by learning them yourself or getting outside help.

    Do you know who your audience is and what they want to read? Blogging isn't about you, it's about giving your readers what they want. What kind of information and ideas can you share with your readers to make them happy they took the time to read your blog? If you don't know who your readers are or what they are interested in, find out before you start blogging.

What's Your Score?

How many questions did you answer "Yes" to?

1-2: Baby steps. A blog might not be for you - at least not yet. Work on adding a few more "Yeses" to your list first.

3-4: Toddler time. You're walking now, but you may want a hand now and then.

5: Run and Play. Go for it! You're ready to blog, so why not start now?

Tell me what you think....Was this little quiz helpful? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

Joellyn "Joey" Sargent is principal of BrandSprout LLC, an Atlanta-based strategic marketing and management consulting firm. Joey brings fresh perspectives to challenging business issues, helping her clients succeed by building brand awareness, engaging customers and increasing market share.

A passionate advocate of entrepreneurship, Joey has founded 3 companies, was a key executive with two start-ups and has worked for Fortune 500 companies including UPS and BellSouth (now AT&T). With global leadership experience in branding, strategy, and communications, Joey advises business owners on strategies for dramatic growth, building high-performing marketing teams and leveraging technology for maximum impact.

Article Source: Joellyn Sargent

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