Professional Telemarketers Are Everywhere! Price Is Just One Factor!

In light of recent events, people are once again bringing up the issue of pitting offshore outsourcing and onshore for things like lead generation services (e.g. telemarketing). Two common advantages/disadvantages that are often cited in these debates is quality and costs. You usually hear how offshore has low costs but also low quality. Onshore is costlier but better. On the other hand, you'll also hear the complete reverse with just as much frequency. Some say there are offshore countries with better services at lower costs whilst onshore companies just have a veneer of being high-end to make up for the lack of competent personnel.

Now what decision are you supposed to come to from this scenario?

Well the truth is there may not be a really strong connection between the two at all. And no, this isn't a cop out. You see despite citing only two common factors being discussed, there is in fact a focus on only one of them: costs.

Believe it or not but there are still plenty of businesses out there who judge rashly based on costs in the same way a person may judge rashly based on a book's cover instead of the contents.

For instance, what if you were a developer or a supplier of computer applications meant to assist in business intelligence? Even the smallest BI software company will tell you that the population size of your leads is going to very small.

Very small indeed but also very important.

This population is made up of none other than the high-ranking business executives and CEOs representing your target companies. Who else would use a type of software powerful enough to take all the information of an entire enterprise and then just pack it in one, easily manageable desktop dashboard?

If you have every intention to contact these people, you might even need more than just simply telemarketing. These people are hard to get, given their position. You need people skilled in various forms of B2B communication from the phone and mail to internet and social media. That's the only way you're going to cover your bases.

Do you really think it's wise to let price along indicate such skills? Given the varying arguments mentioned above, don't you think their constant employment is more likely a sign of diversity than simply one side being better than the other? What if some cheap offshore company is cheap purely because their country's currency is stronger/weaker than yours? It sure doesn't seem to affect their service. Likewise, the same could be for an onshore company.

What about lead generation companies that are multinational, with contact centers based in different parts of the world? What good is this debate then?

The fact is professionals are everywhere and in a world where discrimination based on nation is highly discouraged, how much more when you either pair it with price or just simply price alone? Price isn't necessarily an indication of skill. Any person with even the mildest experience in B2B (or even just business in general) will tell you that there are more factors governing a price tag than the quality of their service. If you're serious about your B2B lead generation, then outsource to company for reasons beyond just mere price.

Article Source: Daniel B Anderson

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